“Harry Osborne will lead a discussion on ‘What Is Biblical 'Putting Away’?"


“Ron Halbrook will be in the area and has agreed to…speak and face questions…in reference to the marriage, divorce, remarriage issue and how it may affect fellowship.”  

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Dennis L. Reed
Harry Cline
Wednesday, May 23, 2001 7:33 PM

    Just thought you might like to know what was happening in this area!   

    The following invitation and reminder comes from Marc Gibson, and I am passing it along to you.


    There will be two Bible study and discussion meetings in a row for May and June. They will be held at the Lakeland Hills church building at 2510 Lakeland Hills Blvd in Lakeland. Times for both meetings will be at 10:00 A.M. If you need more information, call (863) 688-4336 or (863) 853-5476.

    The first meeting will be on Tuesday, May 29th (day after Memorial Day). Harry Osborne will lead a discussion on "What Is Biblical 'Putting Away'?"  This issue has become very important in dealing with serious situations in the divorce and remarriage question, especially in questions about civil divorce proceedings in a society and what God has authorized in Scripture. Harry has been dealing with the divorce and remarriage question for many years and has recently had some exchanges on the topic he will address at this meeting. He will concentrate this study on what the text of Scripture teaches. This is an important matter to study and discuss, and it is hoped that as many as possible will come to engage in this study. We should never tire of, or avoid, opportunities to sharpen our thinking on the Scriptures on any topic, especially this one that is faced in and out of the church.

    The next meeting will be the following Monday, June 4th. Ron Halbrook will be in the area and has agreed to be the special guest to speak and face questions and discussion. Most know that Ron has been widely named and referenced recently concerning some things that he believes in reference to the marriage, divorce, remarriage issue and how it may affect fellowship. This meeting will afford all of us an excellent and convenient opportunity to hear and question the man himself on his beliefs and motives. It is highly recommended that if you have heard or read about these matters or have attempted to represent Ron's positions in any way in discussing divorce or fellowship, that you attend this meeting. None of us want to be inaccurate in representing what anyone has to say - here will be an opportunity to learn  more accurately what someone is saying at a time of intense discussion of  these matters. We thank Ron for his openness and willingness to discuss these matters. Openly searching Bible truth and endeavoring for unity upon that truth can only bring good among brethren.  Agreed??

    Hope to see you there both times!! (and pass along the word)


       We absolutely cannot have an open heart if we refuse to study these matters. If there are brethren who believe that Harry Osborne and Ron Halbrook are not teaching the Truth on these matters, we sincerely hope that they will take this opportunity to come and give what they believe to be a scriptural answer to what these men are teaching.  Those who believe that these men are teaching God's Truth should come and support this effort and also profit from the study together.  We must always be willing for our own convictions to be examined!  Truth has nothing to hide or be ashamed of.  We also should have nothing to hide or be ashamed of in what we believe and teach.  And all of these things should be brought out in the open to be examined by the light of God's Word, including our own personal beliefs and convictions on these matters.  Please come and participate in these studies. Directions to the building:  Take exit 19 off Interstate 4 around Lakeland and travel south west on S.R. 33 ( Lakeland Hills Blvd. )  The building is on the right.  The telephone numbers are given above.   For additional information about this meeting, please contact Marc Gibson at

    If you have contact with folks in our area, please encourage them to attend these sessions.  I would also be happy for anyone to contact me if you need information.

Dennis L. Reed
13311 Lake George Place
Tampa , Florida 33618
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